name: korina elise cooper-wright birthday: december 4, 1988; 26 hometown: beverly hills, california resides: los angeles, california occupation: model status: single pb: margot robbie

- korina is the third child born to elizabeth cooper and james wright and though she always appreciated attention, never had a care to get into the acting industry herself. she tried at various ages, especially when it meant she could follow around her other siblings as they put on plays or enrolled in drama classes, but she didn't have the same talent they did and the idea of becoming an actress never did stick.
- in an effor to "find herself" korina not only attempted her hand at acting but enrolled in music lessons, which she eventually grew tired of, singing lessons, which she didn't have enough talent for, writing classes that eventually bored her and dance lessons, which she liked but not quite as much as her younger sister, heidie, and so she decided to step aside and let her more talented sibling have her own spotlight.
- korina likes to think that in a way, fate stepped in and made the decision for her, as she was aimless and uncertain about her future in a family of dedicated workers. while on a family vacation at 16 she was scouted by sarah doukas, the same model agent known for famously scouting kate moss, and though she had never considered modeling she thought it wouldn't hurt to try her hand.
- a part of her feels as though she's disappointed her mother, becoming famous for her looks (and often pictures in her underwear thanks to victoria's secret) when elizabeth always prided herself on her intelligence and couldn't wait to get back to work after having her children. elizabeth has never actually expressed any sort of disappointment, but korina believes it to be true all the same.
- has often been described as "unaware of her good looks" which korina mostly attributes to the fact that she comes from a family of gorgeously blonde sisters, any of whom could have been a model in her place.
- modeling has made her incredibly aware of her body and what she fuels herself with, to the point that the thoughts could be considered detrimental to her mental health. there has been plenty of talk about whether she may or may not have an eating disorder, but korina has never publicly spoken on the subject.


highlights include:

Victoria Secret Fashion Show (2007-2014)
Victoria Secret Angel (since 2009)
Face of Victoria Secret Pink (2008-2011)
Face of Pepe Jeans (Spring/Summer 2014)
Has walked in fashion shows for Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Zac Posen, MaxMara, Lacoste and Miu Miu
Has covered Vogue, i-D Magazine, V Magazine and others
Ad campaigns include Adore, Chanel, H&M, Hugo Boss, Kurt Geiger, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Max Studio, Nina Ricci, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap and DKNY Jeans


Hawaii Five-O (1 episode, 2012) ... herself


Korina's Kookies Co-Founder since 2012